About Doodee Precision



What is it?

It’s a 4.0 dynamic website which provides knowledge and advice that can help you make your skin look good with precise medical principles (Precision medicine).


How does it work?

It helps to promote the use of existing products that suit any type of skin to return to a normal condition in a precise way, with maximum results (results that can be measured) and safely.


How can it help?

Thanks to its precise medical principles, it takes care of your skin the right way, not too much or not too little, and it also resists the aging process, depending on each person’s genes.


How can I believe that?

Analysis, assessment, and synthesis
process: The website DooDee Precision create a
precision tool by using rule-based intelligence technology, with information about medical science provided by experts, and logic process, with words such as “most likely”, “probably”, or “possibly”, in order to indicate the level of feasibility.


What kind of support do we provide?

In any case, we always want to compile data based on science from product experience and testing made by new users, and we are always searching for high quality products that meet precision medicine criteria and standards.


What is our goal?​

The website Doodee Precision is indeed a place to exchange, share and learn together, a real dynamic website 4.0!